Planning a wedding can be one of the biggest tasks that a bride and groom may take on. Excitement, tears, fears, congratulations, bridal jitters, and love abound but so does the reality of planning the big day. Everyone wants to make their wedding day perfect, no matter how big, how small, how extravagant or simple.


With so many websites and blogs coming from all over the world, it can get very overwhelming and confusing, and sometimes even conflicting. 

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Now you can plan your wedding like a pro! With this ultimate Wedding 101 Guidebook, you'll be able to prepare for your wedding effortlessly, even if you are absolutely clueless.






Not sure where to start planning your wedding, but know you want to avoid ending up utterly stressed out?


Want a wedding that looks like a million dollars without bursting your budget?


If you need a friendly expert to guide you through your wedding planning, Your Definitive Guide To Wedding Planning is THE book to choose. This book will help you to ask the questions that matter, and avoid the devastating mistakes that most first-time married-couples-to-be tend to make.

We’ve written Your Definitive Guide to Wedding Planning to be your guidebook to planning your wedding in Singapore. In this book, we’ll guide you through the entire wedding preparation process, so that you can enjoy every moment of it.


Expect insider scoops, behind-the-scenes stories, practical solutions, step-by-step checklists and comprehensive coverage of everything wedding-related from setting a budget to gown selection to honeymoon planning.


This is the perfect wedding gift for any bride or groom who are planning for their wedding! 

Have fun, and have a wonderful wedding!


Teo Peiru, Managing Director of La Belle Couture Weddings is one of the leading figures in the wedding industry and has been widely featured in the media like Channel News Asia, Straits Times, Channel 8, Spring Singapore & also Radio Stations.

Her vision is to help wedding couples achieve their dream wedding while experiencing a wedding planning journey that is smooth sailing & hassle free, and she sincerely believes that it is the first step towards a blissful marriage. 

Book Chapters:
Part 1 - Setting The Stage

1. Discovering YOUR Preferred Wedding Style

2. Setting A Budget

3. Choosing A Date

4. Choosing The Venue

5. Booking The Right Vendors

6. Choosing Your Wedding Entourage


Part 2: Shopping For Your Wedding

7. Selecting Your Outfits

8. Shopping For Everything Else

9. Organizing Your Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot

10. Personalising And Beautifying Your Wedding


Part 3: Nitty Gritty And Good-To-Know

11. Filing Your Marriage

12. Understanding Traditions

13. Managing Your Guest List

14. Finalising The Details

15. Getting Ready For Your Big Day

16. Your Post-Wedding Guide

Brad Lau & Melody Yap
(Lady Iron Chef)

“When I read this book, I felt like I had a best friend alongside me who answered each question I had in mind. Well thought of with relevant examples, this book will guide you step by step to achieving your best day ever.


Wish we'd had this when we got married!”

Anna Lim
(Founder and Top Wedding Planner, Spellbound Weddings)

"This is the first collective effort of the wedding industry to share the real challenges of organizing a successful wedding that most couples will never know about. 

If you are looking for a credible guide, this is the book for you. It will make you feel like a star with the country's top experts as your trusted advisors."

Michelle Tay

"Your Definitive Guide to Wedding Planning will help you to visualize your dream wedding with as little fuss as possible.

Read the book to find out how you should budget for your wedding, and how involved you should be after making the decision to work with the different wedding vendors."